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    One thing I'm really good at, like you're not even on my level bro, is procrastination. I distract myself so easily from doing things that I really have no interest in doing but have to do eventually. And that seems to be a problem :B 
    So for the time being, there's going to be a 'pause' so to speak on the dA uploads which sucks because I have all these ideas that I want to draw! Very inconvenient of myself, I know.
    But by the beginning April, all the arts will be up! :dummy: Or at least they should be up or continue going up, one of the three ^^; 
    Anywhoo I hope you guys are having a wonderful day— how's your day? Is it good? Are things going okay? I hope they are :D

    Also, I've been suck back into the "More Than Human" fic which gives me life, ahhhhh I love it so muchChiyo Fangirling Icon 
    So that and some other PPG fanart will probably be done; but hey, you never know I could get back into the TMNT fandom which i've been meaning to do that honestlyhmm  until then I guess.Sonic Shrug Emote 

    Forever and Always,
    NadiaMisc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] 
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Submitted on
March 15